Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Back again

Hello my dears,
it's a shame I haven't posted anything for such a long time. Almost four months.. I tried to explain you my reasons for this in the last post. It was true, that there were a lot of other things in my life, I needed much time for. 
At the moment I'm preparing myself for my last test of my A-Levels. It's kind of strange that school should be finished next Monday after 12 years. Since about one month I just go to school for one or two lessons a day and the last week just for the test. Although I should learn for it, I feel very bored these days. 
Right now I'm sitting in my room, listening to Sarah Connor's Close to crazy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MI3T0P1-dpc because every single word suits perfect to my situation. Today my mind is anywhere else, I don't know where exactly it is. Well and now after doing organisational stuff for the German blog, I really had to write you here. I missed this blog so much, sometimes it even hurt. I missed my English audience cause you're so cute although my English is not the best one. I'm not sure what'll happen the next days but NOW I'll start translating the German posts for you.
I love you.
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Friday, January 31, 2014

I'm sorry

Hello my dears,
Unfortunately I have to tell you something sad. Blogging is my life and I have a lot of success with my German blog 'Buntes Bonbon'. I got there a lot of readers from all over the world and so I thought it would be a great idea to do this English part here for you but then i found out, that even the followers from abroad prefer the German blog and it isn't really worth keeping this blog alive. It had a great start but now it's not the way I'd like. Of course you can read the German posts or the old posts here still. 
I try to find a way for keeping this blog during the next weeks but till then there won't be much new stuff here, I think. Just give me three or four month, when I finally passed my A-Levels and then there'll be much more time for posting here and publish it as well.
If I really have several readers here, please let me now and share this blog. If it's woth going on, I'll do it of course.
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Enjoy your weekend,
yours Marie

Sunday, January 12, 2014

That's what a winner looks like

Hello my dears,
What important news reached us last week? I heard about Thomas Hitzlsperger's coming out on Wednesday and since then hundreds of thoughts run through my mind.
Surely it wasn't easy to do this step and that's why Mr. Hitzlsperger should gain our all respect! I can't imagine how terrible it is to hide from publicity and to live a different life although you look pretty contrary inside. I was really shocked when I read about the French player who had to leave his team because of his homosexuality a few months ago. Why makes it a difference whether we love men or women? And by the way why does it bother others? If people do a great job and don't bully others it doesn't matter what sexuality they have, I think.
I just can salute Thomas Hitzlsperger, he was a fantastic footballer and now he has an enormous influence in German football. I'm pretty sure that now more and more gay players will be brave enough to talk about this topic. And because football is already topic number one for little boys, it's great to show them, it doesn't matter who you are or who you love. It's just important how talented you are!
I wish Mr. Hitzlsperger a lot of power during the next weeks and I hope that he and his aim will find tolerance everywhere.
Enjoy your life and don't hide because of trifles!

New label :)

Hello my sweeties,
How was you start in the daily life again? At the moment there are about 1000 things in my mind and it becomes more every second so I just can post here with a small delay, sorry.
I just wanted to tell you that I opened a new category called 'Fashion'. Don't be afraid I won't be one of the fashion bloggers who post everyday something else but somehow always the same. Sometimes here are some posts about fashion and so it's better to organize everything. I'll shift the old posts to this place of course.
That's all. See you at the next real post.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

My First Band

Hello my dears,
Do you also wonder what all the Radio stations played before there was Lifesaver of Sunrise Avenue? I really love listening to the Finns but after the 12th time a day it's enough.. Nevertheless I have to think every time on the concert in Munich. I'm sooo happy :) The last weeks I was very excited who'd be the next member of the 'supporting act group' after The Pusher and Superscar. Then the facilitating news that My First Band will be the supporting act came. I really love their sound although I was a bit shocked about the song title 'Baby you're too Young [I wanna make love to your mama]'. Pretty provocative but I'm very excited. Until now they're my favourite of all supporting acts.
When I was at the Champions League finale two years ago, Heikki has already been there as Sunrise Ave's keyboarder. At first I thought he's Riku's brother, they really look a bit similar ;)
Who'll be in Munich, too?
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Hello my bonbons,
On Friday I was in Regensburg with my best friend Keks, it was fantastic! We both needed a few things for the soon coming school leavers' ball and found great stuff fortunately! Keks bought a wonderful red dress, she looks so pretty in it! Of course she needed the suitable nail laquer and lipstick!
I already have my dress since the Strasbourg trip, it's dark red and a bit mixed with pink and of course the right accessoires were still missing.
At first we swa these shoes at Deichmann, I love them! [Sorry for the bad colors, my computer..]

After that we were at KIKO, my favourite shop for nail lacquer, I bought number 286 & the perfect lipstick [30 Raisin Berry] at dm.

And finally I found this beautiful necklace in gold at Claire's.

 Keksi, thanks for the great day!
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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bloggers against animal tests

Hello my sweeties,
You've already seen the new button in my sidebar, haven't you? I found it a few weeks ago on another blog and I loved the idea. As a vegetarian I'm of course against animal tests and for vegan cosmetics but unfortunately there are a lot of companies that don't produce with these guidelines. On this page
you can find a list with firms producing without animal tests. It's a big help if you don't have to check this on your own for each product.
See you.
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Thursday, January 2, 2014

How to build a photographic studio

Hello my dears,
This post is for all of you who love photographing but only have less Christmas money left although wanting to build a small photographic studio.

Actually you don't need much for it:
* one curtain rail (2-3m long) ca. 9€
* white stage molton (2-3m long and 5m wide) ca. 40€
* two work lights ca. 12€
* if need be a tripod
* screws, ca. 30 roll clamps (I'm not sure if this word is right), 2-3m curtain tape ca. 5€

And that's all you need, probably you already have some things at home and if not it costs you less than 100€, not comparable with the price of the original equipment..
At first you have to find a suitable room, I read everywhere that the light is very important and a lot of other stuff but honestly that isn't necessary if you turn your work lights on, by the way strong desk lamps are as good as these. It's just important that the room is big enough so you can spread the molton on the floor as well while having still space for the tripod. If you found a room, put the curtain rail on the ceiling but don't do this alone, that's too difficult. Then cut the molton in the right length like the rail is and stitch down the tape on the cloth. After this just put the roll clamps in the tape and then in the rail. You probably need several test shots till the light is in the right position.
And after your shooting you can just put the curtain to a side and your studio disappears.
It's really worth, I got mine for about 2 months now and I've already down a few videos and photos. This background is a wonder.
Great fun.
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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Word of the month 01/14

Hello my dears,
I wish all of you a great year 2014, a lot of success and health! Without much bla bla I wanna go on. At the moment it's still New Year's Eve and I'm sitting here after raclette and two glasses of punch and there's already

till the day before yesterday. Actually I find it useless to shoot vast amount of money in the sky but somehow the glitter in the sky is pretty.
As you can see it's the 1st now and it's again pretty late. I had to think about fireworks yesterday and today the whole time. At New Year's Eve the whole world stands still for a moment, when all the rackets fly to sky, I think. Whoever doesn't burn anything watches the spectacle with big eyes in front of the window or even outside. Although I don't like this day very much, I forget everything during these moments. I wonder about the great colors and the glitter and I'm happy that the world is loud even at night. There might be a time I'd prefer the silence but at the moment I love this. You see the most important things of the old year in the rackets' light and the new year stalks quietly with all its surprises.
How did you start into 2014? It was very important for me to listen the right music for my 2014 and so 'Afraid of the midnight' of Sunrise Avenue was showing and suitable I wore my Sunrise Ave shirt. Haha, it was damn cold! But now let's look at some pictures.
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Monday, December 30, 2013


Hello my dears,
unfortunately I won't have enough time for blogging this year and I have to take a short break. I'll be back at the 1st with the new word of the month. Actually I wanted to post how to build your own photo studio easily at home but I'll show you next week.
I'm looking forward to a new year with you and the Bonbon, that'll be our year! Enjoy your time till then and have a good start!